Las Vegas Common Residential Insects
Common in newer homes. Problem only gets worse if not treated. Silverfish eat sizing on books, wallpaper & paste on drywall seams.

Scorpions are of a medical importance, because of their stings which can cause a fatal reaction. Stings can be fatal in rare instances. There are about 70 species in the U.S.

American Cockroach
Roaches have been with us for 400 million years. There are 4,000 species. They are disease carriers of Salmonella, Straphylococcus, E-coli.

Black Widow
The black widow possess a neurotoxin when it bites. Always consult a physician if bitten. An antitoxin is available for the black widows venom.

Common in newer homes. Like to eat fabrics of all kinds of sources.

Pharaoh Ant
There are 700 species of ants in the U.S. The Pharaoh ants colony size is from thousands to several hundred thousand. They carry more than a dozen pathogenic bacteria. Spraying only makes the matters worse. Correct identification is the key.