Environmental Pest Control
About Us
EPC is a quality pest control service that effectively eliminates your pest problems involving several things:

1. It involves a complete and thorough inspection to determine pest hiding places and entry points.

2. It involves a thorough understanding of the targeted pests biological nature.

3. It involves careful consideration of all alternative control measures chemical and non chemical.

4. It involves a specific targeted treatment that eliminates the places where pests hide, stops them from breeding and stops future pests from getting inside your home.
Integrated Pest Management
EPC has adopted many options in our pest control service. We believe this is a very

intelligent approach to a complex problem, we call it Integrated Pest Management or

IPM which is highly endorsed by National Pest Management Association. IPM puts

together many control practices which prevent, surpress and eliminate pest problems.

EPC protects the environment and your home at the same time using far less

chemicals by IPM methods of inspecting, monitoring, removing harborages,

sealing cracks and crevices and removing moisture sources.


1. To take care of your home as we do our own.

2. To give you straight, honest answers.

3. To keep contact with leading scientists and educators on insect distribution, biology and control.

4. To give prompt, reliable service.

5. To have your home treated by only one of the owners, who is fully licensed in Nevada, not an employee with one month's experience, working under someone else's license.

Our equipment is always state of the art and our education continual.